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DJ Kane - Definition / Yeah Yall

DJ Kane - Definition / Yeah Yall (Trouble On Vinyl, 1997)

James Yancey passed away seven years ago today and to mark this anniversary I have put together a DnB 365 doubleheader for the second part of my Dilla tribute (part one is here). Both sides of this DJ Kane 12" sample tracks from A Tribe Called Quest's Beats, Rhymes and Life, an album that was much maligned at the time of its release due to Tribe's change of direction but has since grown in stature, largely due to the production work which was in part handled by the young Jay Dee. While he only produces five of the album's tracks you can hear his influence on the group's sound throughout.

'Definition' takes the section in bold below from a speech sampled on 'Phony Rappers', which I have seen credited to Louis Farrakhan although I'm not 100% certain that's correct:

"This feeling of embarrassment, this shyness, this bashfulness, if you take that out of the people, then these people will do whatever they want to do, and that is the very definition of America: a people who have no shame and therefore they do whatever they want to do."

This vocal is used in the intro over a catchy rhodes loop along with a second vocal sample from Blahzay Blahzay's 'The Pain I Feel': "We'd like to dedicate this particular tune..." which comes in just before Kane drops a fat plunging bassline. 'Yeah Yall' actually samples two tracks from Beats, Rhymes and Life, taking the beeping riff from 'Baby Phife's Return' for the tune's intro with the "Yeah Yall, Ah hah" vocal from '1nce Again' over the top. Both these samples have other origins however, the 'beeping' being a guitar riff from Jack Bruce's 'Sam Enchanted Dick Medley: Sam's Sack/Rill's Thrills' (check at 0:54) and the vocal coming from the untitled eighth track on Cannonball Adderley's The Black Messiah LP. It has an out-of-tune sounding bassline as well as a similar plunging bassline to the a side. Two simple but effective jump-up numbers that define Trouble On Vinyl's sound in '97.

For an introduction to Dilla-era A Tribe Called Quest, check Hip Hop Is Read's 'A Tribe Called Dilla' mix. The download link on the site is down but you can find it here.

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