Sunday, 24 February 2013

Adam F - Circles

Adam F - Circles (Section 5, 1995)

Going through my parents record collection one day in the late nineties I stumbled across a series of Blaxploitation compilations, one of which included the smooth jazz of Bob James' 'Westchester Lady', a track that I instantly recognised as the source of the main riff from 'Circles'. Discovering this began my obsession with sample spotting so it is about time I take a look at this classic track, one which really made Adam F's name on the scene.

Beginning with a double bass riff over synthetic strings, the five note keyboard motif from 'Westchester Lady' is quickly introduced before a "Check Check Check Check" vocal taken from Blackstreet's 'Physical Thing' brings in 'Do The Do' drums. This break, taken from Kurtis Blow's 'Do The Do', became synonymous with so-called "intelligent" drum'n'bass in the mid-nineties and is also known by the names of some of the tracks that used it - 'Kid Caprice' (Wax Doctor), 'Horizons' (LTJ Bukem) and of course 'Circles'. Still riding this break the track shifts to a melodic 808 bassline with uplifting synths and female vocal samples from Tameka Starr's 'Going In Circles' and is almost as smooth as the Bob James track it samples.

One of those tracks that was popular across the board, regularly dropped everywhere from Metalheadz's Blue Note Sessions and Bukem & Fabio's Speed nights to raves such as Helter Skelter and Dreamscape. Still played today, you can hear it in this Kenny Ken & Randall set with MC Fearless from a Moondance night last year.

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