Saturday, 12 January 2013

Swoosh - Ya Rockin'

Swoosh - Ya Rockin' (Back 2 Basics, 1997)

On a trip to London yesterday I picked up a second hand copy of Swoosh's 'Believe The Hype' on CD, which inspired me to make today's post about their most well known track, 'Ya Rockin', which features on the album in VIP form. Swoosh were a duo consisting of Dean Vincent, co-head of Joker Records, and Jason Ball, who ran Back 2 Basics. The use of well known samples was a trait of both producers and here they borrow from The O'Jays's 'For The Love Of Money'. The intro uses the highly recognisable guitar hook over the 'Action' break before the drop brings in a simple descending bassline and 'Do the Do' drums. The bassline is switched up in the second half including a nice little pitch change and a brief use of Amen to keep up the momentum. A jump-up anthem played out by DJs such as Micky Finn and Darren J, this is one you're sure to recognise if you went to any drum'n'bass nights around this time.

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