Wednesday, 30 January 2013

175 Crew - Turn On The Heat Again

175 Crew - Turn On The Heat Again (175 Records, 1997)

Noel Simmonds and Alistair Ash were the duo behind 175 Crew and they put out several releases from 1997 to 1999 including four on their own 175 Records, a "promo only" label due to the extensive use of hip-hop samples. Ash also went by the names DJ Skinny and Nu Balance and had a number of releases on Trouble On Vinyl as well as being a member of the Underfire Recordings outfit Kraken alongside Stakka and Skynet.

'Turn On The Heat Again' featured on 175 Records Volume 1 and strangely the first place I remember hearing it was on a Fatboy Slim mixtape given away with the NME. It samples vocals from Busta Rhymes' 'It's A Party (feat. Zhane)', a record that must have been one of the few acapellas in their collection as they also used it on the flipside and on 175 Records Volume 2. Three Busta Rhymes lines, "Turn on the heat again", "Until we finish partyin" and "Don't you say a word", are used throughout the intro over horn and guitar samples along with a punchy two-step beat until a big drum roll brings in a ground shaking 'wobble' bassline which you can't help but move to. They then add Zhane's hook from 'It's A Party': "When I step up in the party won't you move it to the left / Party people move it side to side I'm feelin kind of blessed", making it a particularly catchy track. It was a favourite of Darren Jay and you can hear him open his set with it at this Helter Skelter night from 1997 with Stevie Hyper D (RIP) tearing it up on the mic.

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