Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ed Rush - Subway

Ed Rush - Subway (Prototype, 1996)

1996 was the year drum'n'bass truly began its turn to the darkside, with Ed Rush one of the principal proponents of the new technoid sound. 'Subway', engineered by Dom, is a prime example of this style: cold and precise with no light at the end of the tunnel. It begins with eerie synths accompanied by a few percussion hits and some strange noises in the background before the two step break from Alex Reece's remix of 'The Flow' by Model 500 enters. A slowed down vocal sample, from a source I can't identify, declares "Check This Shit Out Man" at which point the deep and deadly sub bassline is deployed. The track has a sustained sense of menace and feels so oppressive you struggle to breathe, almost as if it sucks the air from the room. Probably best to avoid this one when you're on your own late at night on the tube...

'Subway' appeared on Grooverider's The Prototype Years compilation, in full on the vinyl but just in the mix on the CD. Check out the unreleased remix below, it's not a patch on the original but is an interesting listen nevertheless:

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