Monday, 7 January 2013

Fugees - Ready Or Not (DJ Zinc 1996 Remix)

Fugees - Ready Or Not (DJ Zinc Remix) (White Label, 1996)

This bootleg remix of the Fugees hit single received a huge amount of airplay on Kiss FM back in 1996 and there was even word of an official release but sadly EMI and/or Enya's lawyers shut this down, a shame because this could have been a hit in its own right.

Zinc gradually builds up the track, starting with the drums and then using a small part of the etheral vocal that the Fugee's sampled from Enya's Boadicea along with Redman's "When I raise my trigger finger" line from How High. After the whole Boadicea sample is rolled out Zinc cuts the drums to introduce Lauryn Hill's "Ready or Not" vocals and then brings in the full amen break, later adding a bit of bass to the mix. In a nice little touch Zinc seperates Redman's vocal syllable by syllable just before the drop: "'s...hit...the...deck...deck".

At the time many people thought this track was by DJ Hype. You can hear why when the bassline comes in as it has his signature all over it and Zinc has since stated that although this is his remix, he did get some help from Hype with this part. I get the feeling that this would have been huge even without the Fugees elements because it's the bassline and that really makes it an absolute killer.

I have two different copies of this on 12" but annoyingly neither of them is pressed all that well. Fortunately Zinc has been kind enough to give away a decent quality mp3 on his Soundcloud, it's a vinyl rip but far superior to most copies you'll find.

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