Friday, 11 January 2013

Ram Trilogy - No Reality

Ram Trilogy - No Reality (RAM Records, 1998)

This track appeared on the first part of Ram Trilogy's 'Chapters' series and represented a big leap forward in the Ram Records sound. It has a short mostly beatless intro featuring rolls of thunder, sci-fi sounding synths and an incredible morphing bassline. A male voice declares "there is still no such reality as something..." before been cut off by a repeated clacking sound. This was sampled from The Orb's 'Majestic', who in turn had sampled it from multi-media collage group The Tape-beatles 'Music With Sound', who I would imagine had taken it from a self-improvement tape. I think the samples goes on to say "from nothing" (it appears at 15:34 in the clip in the Tape-beatles clip, but is also used in full slightly earlier at 15:14 underneath other voices).

As the sample fades out a brief yet brilliantly produced drum build-up gives the track a sense of lift before the drop. The main break is based around 'Life Could' drums and gives the track an off-kilter feel and there is a great section about two thirds of the way through where the bassline is manipulated to give it a stuttered effect which always blows my mind. The 'Chapters' series included several other classic tracks and I will be featuring these in future posts.

You can purchase this track direct from the label here.

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