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Cool Hand Flex - Must Feel

Cool Hand Flex - Must Feel (De Underground Records, 1994)

De Underground Records was a label and shop in Forest Gate, East London which was run by Mike De Underground, Randall and Cool Hand Flex. They were responsible for a series of classic hardcore and jungle records in the early to mid-nineties across several imprints. In fact its sublabel i.e. records released Lennie De Ice's seminal 'We Are i.e.' which is widely considered to be the first ever jungle record.

Cool Hand Flex's 'Must Feel' begins with a nice reggae loop from Dreadful Julio's 'Differentah', a dub version of Errol Dunkley's 'A Little Way Different'. The tune has a robotic-sounding bassline combined with 808 kick stabs while the main break is the trusty Amen, nicely cut-up and timestretched. There are several vocal samples throughout the track, beginning with the one that gives it its name, "Bwoy me ah tell you man who can't hear will feel", taken from Joe Gibbs & The Professionals' 'Fulfillment/Prophesy Reveal', the dub version of Culture's 'Two Sevens Clash'. Then there is a female "Aaaaaaaaah" taken from the beginning of Alyson Williams' funky 'Sleep Talk' and later another reggae vocal, "Move unno body, body. Move unno body, body", from Bujo Banton's 'Move Yuh Body'.

A quintessential yet under-appreciated jungle tune rinsed by the likes of Randall, as you can hear in this set from AWOL at The Paradise Club in 1994 with MC GQ on the mic. Ruffneck Bizness!

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