Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Total Science - Jet Set

Total Science - Jet Set (Advance//d Recordings, 2001)

Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith AKA Q Project and Spinback have worked under many names both solo and as a duo, but Total Science is their most well known and productive alias. They first started producing records back in 1991 when they launched the Legend imprint and have always shown the ability to make a wide range of music, from LTJ Bukem-style ambience to darker Photek-style paranoia, even experimenting with electro and house. However around the turn of the millennium drum'n'bass was dominated by the old school hardcore sound and Total Science were among the leading proponents of the movement.

'Jet Set' demonstrates the quality of their productions from this era with particularly crisp and tight drums incorporating the The Fatback Band's 'Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)' break with its high pitched female sighs. Over this they bring in a gentle woozy synth part with some strings until a voice from the much sampled 'The Warning (Inner Mix)' by Logic intones "This is... This Is...", introducing a bright four note synth melody and "You belong to me" vocal sampled from the also well used disco classic 'Let No Man Put Asunder' by First Choice. My favourite section comes in around two thirds of the way through when a warm chord progression topped with strings brings a moment of euphoria. Absolute class.

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