Friday, 25 January 2013

Mampi Swift - Hi Tek

Mampi Swift - Hi Tek (Charge, 1997)

Mampi Swift (then known as just Swift) started out as a DJ and held a residency on Kool FM from 1992 for eight years. He also worked at Lucky Spin Records, whose next-door studio allowed him to develop his production skills and he went on to put out releases on several labels from 1994 to 1996 including Suburban Base and Frontline. He really established himself as a producer though in 1997 when he started his own label, Charge Recordings.

'Hi Tek' was a record I played a lot back in the day and is an excellent example of how his style had developed from more traditional jump-up drum'n'bass to his own very unique sound. What particularly set him apart was his harsh sounding drums which often featured out-of-place sounding hits and sometimes made his tunes tricky to mix. 'Hi Tek' has a sci-fi vibe to it with a droning intro before dropping a distorted bassline with a metallic feel to it and heavy snares. When I was organizing my record collection last year I was annoyed to discover I had lost my copy of this record, so it is now on my (very long) wishlist as it's an essential tune.

At the moment you can head over to Mampi Swift's Facebook page for a free download of a new track entitled 'Lets Go', a Hoover bassline-heavy number with a 4/4 beat. Although very different in sound to his late nineties material it demonstrates he still isn't afraid to take his own path.

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