Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dylan & Facs - Hairpie

Dylan & Facs - Hairpie (Biotic, 1999)

The flipside of the first release on their own Biotic label, Dylan & Facs' Hairpie begins with light percussion, computer bleeps and weird noises that sound like they were sampled from the final scenes of '2001: A Space Odyssey', when the astronaut Dave Bowman appears to rapidly grow older while he walks through the rooms of a strange house. The harsh drum break that soon arrives is sampled from The Fireballs' 'Get Out My Life, Woman', with a bassline occasionally added to heighten anticipation. When the full bassline is unleashed it is particularly nasty, consisting primarily of a frantic one note riff and punctuated at the beginning of each eight bar phrase by a filtered guitar lick. The bass sounds metallic but highly corroded and when combined with the industrial sounding drums conjures images of rusting machinery going out of control. This is just one of many great tracks that Dylan & Facs put out around this time but they never seemed to get the recognition they deserved. Seek them out, you won't be disappointed.

You can purchase a high quality, remastered mp3 of 'Hairpie' directly from the label here, with further tracks from their back catalogue also available and more promised soon. You can also have a listen to this track as well as other Biotic releases on Soundcloud.

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